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The Legend of Excalibur Relived at King Arthurís Casino

There is a tale that has become legend of an English King, Arthur, who reigned in medieval times after the wizard, Merlin, found a sword set in stone. It was told that whoever removed the sword from the stone would become King of all the land. Men came from far and wide to try and unsheathe the sword from its rock, but even the strongest failed.

Arthur, a poor serf, stepped up to try amid ridicule from the watching crowd. As he gripped the hilt, the sword slid easily from its captive rock and Merlin crowned Arthur king. The sword was named Excalibur and a legend was born.


King Arthur’s casino on Las Vegas Strip perpetuates this legend each passing day, whereby its punters try and remove Excalibur from the stone. None has succeeded thus far.
It is told that whoever does remove Excalibur from the stone will inherit the casino; a worthy prize for the lucky contestant.

King Arthur’s casino has much more to offer than riches alone, although it is possible to find great wealth beyond Excalibur’s blade. The casino offers the best service on the strip in the finest surroundings. There was never a more comfortable bar, for instance, than the Excalibur bar; an English style hostelry that offers the finest cocktails and beers from around the world.

It’s not just the casino’s name that is derived from legend; its reputation is also. As one of Las Vegas’ busiest casinos, the establishment paid out more in winnings last year than the MGM Grand and the Luxor combined.
The International Poker Player’s league (IPPL) voted Excalibur’s realm the best gambling haunt in the USA, rivaling those in Monaco and Monte Carlo. It numbered outstanding service and décor among its many compliments.

When visiting Las Vegas, King Arthur’s should be one’s first stop. With the finest hotel with the best desert views in the city, it’s also the best place to stay.
Punters will always come back to King Arthur’s casino, if only to try and lift Excalibur from the stone one more time.

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