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The Strip Poker Online Casino

Everyone has heard of online poker. It’s the latest craze sweeping the world, as more and more punters compete to see who can have the most boring life out there.

Some people gamble in these online casinos for hours a day; just spending a little here and a little there. It’s pathetic; they are extracting cheap thrills for a nickel at a time and nobody is benefitting.


Here is a better idea: the online strip poker casino. Most people have played strip poker at some point while growing up. Most people are unsure of the rules. It is, however far, far more fun than regular poker, and can deliver fantastic, or hilarious results.

Surely this is a better way of spending time and money…but how would it work? Basically everyone who plays would buy into a round at the online casino, and the losers successively take their clothes off. The winner would keep their clothes on and the cash and the rest would be humiliated, but amused.

Now that everyone has a webcam, the online strip poker casino can be a reality. It would transform the world of online gambling. Maybe normal people would play, not just your trailer park individuals whose benefit checks line the pockets of the Burmese gentleman who bought the domain ‘’

If people could actually see their opposition, particularly without their clothes on, they might be reminded that there is an actual, not virtual world out there and go out and find a job.

The online strip poker casino could change America for the better. The economy would be stabilized, and better healthcare would be provided thanks to the extra revenue.

Of course, the online strip poker casino would have to be regulated. There would be some individuals who would want to play actual poker in the guise of playing strip poker. This would be in breach of the Online Strip Poker Guild’s guidelines and the individual in question would suffer the same penalty as if they lost the match.

This harsh, but fair treatment would ensure that online strip poker remains the noble and honest pursuit that it should be, unlike its more boring cousin.

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